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  • Hey, noticed you said you needed to sell some fish before you move back to Ca, whatcha got? need to stock my tank..
    I just noticed the fish in your avatar. What is it? It's a very cool looking fish. I just gave away several fish in order to make room for some new, more exotic fish, hint, hint? Is it yours? If so, where did you get it?

    Ron (down in Cape Coral)
    hi, im sorry i just noticed the offer for the pump for $30, i am interested if its still available. is it submersible? btw im "Plan B" tnx
    Hi Bill,

    I am new to the forum and new to saltwater aquariums. I have been following the advice of my friend (co-worker) whom you know as bugcrusher. I managed to set up a 30 gallon display with a 40 gallon refugium (four inches of live sand and chaeto). So far, no bad experiences! Bugcrusher informed me that you had a devil's hand and were willing to share a frag. Do you think a devil's hand would alright with the following set up:

    an inch of live sand, six pieces of live rock, about 30 hermit crabs, about 10 snails, a few peppermint shrimp, 2 false percula clownfish, 1 bi-color blenny, 1 green clown goby, 1royal gramma, zoas, star polyps, toadstool mushroom, and a kenya tree?

    Either tommorow afternoon or Monday evening will be fine. I work tommorow, but Ken will be home. I get home around 6 on monday
    We're great man! Thanks. You don't really owe me but send me a pic when you get a chance. I still want you to dog sit maybe the next time I go out of town. We'll see, my EX and I are kind of trying to figure that out.
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