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  • Everything is looking awesome!.......boy they weren't kidding when they named it green slimer!......lol....the birdsnest is my favorite and I think you may have turned me onto sps....:)........thanks again for the awesome frags!.......hope little tang is doing well!
    ive seen your pics of you impressive reef, and have a question. do millys like lower light in your system? i have found over the years that they like the bottom of my reef more then other spots. just lookin for an opinion:)tks
    Hi Scott.i tried to put something's about my tanks.but I don't know how.i m not good with computer.i don't know how to load the picture too.
    I'd like to meet up this weekend. Interested in chalices,
    green slimers, green birdnest and zoas. What day/time works
    best for you?
    I noticed that you have a "extra" 55g tank in your shed. Are youi looking to sell; it?

    Rich (rmhgold1)
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