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  • Whats the address for the party? I am going to try to make it, wife is at the dentist and might need me to pick her up. Also what kind of food do you guys still need to add!
    i try to send a pm but i need 10 post before, well anyways if you still having some Digi frags let me know please, 707 892 34 69 santa rosa.
    Hi SWK, Thank you so much for your offer. Unfortunately work was a little crazy today and I didn't see your message till now. I would love to take you up on your offer another time. Feel free to PM me here or text me. My number is 415-370-6731. Whereabouts are you located?
    whats up man i saw your post about my shop (i run ca reef co) i recall you coming in and asking me questions about our reef raft acro & ora. i told you I'm not sure on names but can give you prices, everyone has the right to state an opinion. you said "ca reef was the weakest" I'm not upset, i would just like to know why you think that so i can improve the status of my store. thanks for your time and imput
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