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    Too hasty with my BTA?

    Could of been expelling waste.
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    Add maroon clown again.

    ^ agreed, help him out. He is trying to 'learn' he is not stuck in his ways of fish keeping.
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    TB Maroon Clowns

    No, they will get more aggressive as they mature. Captive bred could possibly be more disease resistant and less stressed initially then a WC specimen.
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    Flower anemones

    I guess your right I usually always associate polymnus with saddleback.
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    Saddleback polymnus pair and sun anemone

    Its possbile it could be yellow, but I believe they are rare but am not sure on that. Check this out
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    Saddleback polymnus pair and sun anemone

    That may be a dyed sebae. If that is likely the case try and return it, since many can be stressed beyong recovery. When you think about it the anemone could be completely bleached but the dye gives it a color. If you can't return it just feed it regularly and keep the water quality high as im...
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    GBTA and Curly Q

    With NO light you may be pushing still varies on the size of the tank to determine watts/gallons which isn't always the rule but helps in determining. As far as mixing the anemones IMO curly q anemones are worthless, and mixing them could cause problems. I doubt the curly q would do any...
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    Flower anemones

    Those pics aren't to bad at all. Actually thats a fire clown but very cool pair. I would not believe it with out the pics.
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    Pics - S. gigantea, then and now (almost 2 years apart)

    Nice anemone.. wheres the clown?
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    Maroon Clown blindness?

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    GBTA and Curly Q

    Relax, As far as his lighting what type of light is it? and what size tank? We will need to know this to tell you whether theres enough light for a bta. As far as two btas they will not sting each other. You could keep your two with no problems.
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    Need Help Identifying This

    Give me some :)
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    Pairing Maroon Clowns

    I have a 3" goldstripe female. I added a white stripe juvenile, and she would not allow him into the anemone, but he would keep shaking and doing the cheek kiss thing. The next day they were always together. I would try to just add a small juvenile, and see how it goes. If it gets to rough then...
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    My false perc's finally host in my RBTA (pics)

    Wow all 3 of them look great!