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    Anyone have xenia fs near Vernon?

    Free Xenia's 4133661169 Dominic
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    Colorado Sunburst Nem FS

    Saw this at Franky's and man they're crazzzzyyyy
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    RO/DI unit question

    Go with BRS you won't be disappointed
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    I shall call it "The skittles Nem"

    Lemon drop? I got first dibs on first split!!
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    Coral Seeds

    In for 4!!
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    Anyone ever get stung by their rbta

    Ouch its same as bee sting go get it checked out
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    Newbie Flow Question

    You can run the jebao wp25 on lowest settings and it will do fine. Wp10 will be better.
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    Wtb chaeto

    I have free chaeto if you're ever around Enfield
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    GHA out of control

    I wished I knew earlier I had a beast sea hare that I sold to Bob in the club. Got rid of whole tank filled with GHA. I also dosed no pox by red sea. Also overskimmed. Acclimated about 5 mollies as well and they ate GHA. Another that works is brightwell xport po4 remover in a reactor. I also did...
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    Karl's 100G Build Thread

    Karl I have to say that your tank motivates me to work much harder on mine :)
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    Frag pedestals

    Are you serious I threw away a few of these noooo
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    Giesemann Lighting Club.

    I just got myself a used 8mo old geissman Infiniti. Original owner changed out the t5s for reefbrites blue LEDs. Thoughts?