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  • Hi Syntax. I was hoping you could help me a bit with my lighting. I saw that you also run PacSun lighting, and run Bali. I am running Bali on a Hyperion S 2 x 145w. On this unit, there are no white LEDs and no T5 supplementation. My questions are: how much do you think your corals are responding to the LED VS. the T5 lights? Also, how high off water level is your lamp, what's your total % power for LED, do you keep Bali at full settings, or do you turn down red/amber/green/cyano, and do you run clouding? Thanks! Justin
    Hi StrangeDejavu... I do attribute the decline and eventual elimination of the bacterial bloom to the Dr. Tims products and the way that I administered them. I have several pictures that show one of my power heads covered with stringy bacteria at the beginning of the dosing process, throughout the dosing process the bacteria declined and then disappeared. Even though I'm confident that the Dr. Tim's ""Refresh and "Waste Away" worked as advertised, I can't dismiss the possibility that it was coincidence as well, and that the bacterial bloom had run its course.
    Hello, I was following your thread with the battle of clear bacteria using Dr. Tim's. Was just curious if it ever cleared up on its own or if you believe Waste Away worked as advertised?
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