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  • Hey im new, trying to find your post regarding bristle worms and their bioload that you referred to in a post i read. there is probably a simple way to search by user but i havent found it, if you could point me in the right direction that would be great
    I am going to be offline for a couple days with travel. I do not agree with phos unles it has been tested to be the case. It is likely a heterotrophic backteria- that is a free swimming bacteria. If the tank is clear in the morning and cloudy in the evening it may be this. Keep a eye on ammomia, and if not present-do not worry. The cloudy tank usuaaly goes away in a week or so.
    Hello, Syrinx..
    I wish to ask you for some additional advice. I know you have read my posts, and are aware of the current happenings in my tank. (copper, new skimmer, recent change of substrate). All appears to be going well, however I have noticed a slight cloudy, like appearance to the tank. Especially when viewing from the side of the tank. My lfs says it is most likely phosphate, or a bacterial bloom. He also stated that neither is harmful to any degree in a fish only system.

    I do feed frozen, which I defrost in tank water, spill water down drain through a brine shrimp net, and then refill with tank water before adding into tank. I use RO water, however, while my system was down, used dechlorinated tap water, for water changes.

    So my question is, is there anything I should do to help clear the water? Other than my routine water changes? Also, if it were to be a bacterial bloom (from copper usage) what route could or should I take then.
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