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  • Hey what's up? Sorry for the late response. I get on here sporadically and did not notice the message. Actually it is a 180-gal but I took it down after the 3rd move. I got deployed and did not have any way to take care of it. I am thinking about setting up a Mini Elos 20-gal or a Mr. Aqua 3' 12-gal frameless. The only problem with the later choice is I will have to build the stand, sump, etc. I think I prefer nanos. Especially, in Texas water is expensive.

    I had a 14-gal BioCube for almost a year but took it to my sister in case I deploy again this year. If they take my name off the list I will set it back up again with one of the top two choices using LEDs instead of MH.

    Evan is in Hawaii still. He has not setup his tank since he can just step outside in teh reef and look all he wants. :p

    Let me know what you finally setup.
    hey bud, long time no chat. i am in st. louis now and i can see your in tx. still have the 155? hows life? i got rid of my tank when i moved(worst mistake) and am thinking of getting back into a nano. wish you could have seen the 220 when it was up and running.
    hows evan and family? well good to see your still into it.
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