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    LF: Medium Green Leather Mushroom

    Does anyone have a medium to large size green leather mushroom for sale? Thanks.
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    25g IM Fusion Lagoon w/ Stand!

    I'm selling my Innovative Marine 25g Lagoon tank with the stand! The tank and stand are in awesome condition but I am taking a break from the hobby. Please txt me for pics. Thanks. PRICE: $350 for everything! :) Contact: six-one-nine-two-zero-zero-9037
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    FS: Nuvo 10 & Ai HD Prime+

    Bump :)
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    FS: Nuvo 10 & Ai HD Prime+

    Selling my Innovative Marine Fusion 10g tank along with my Ai Prime HD+ light fixture (& arm). Location: Channelside, Tampa Price: $275 I can be reached at 619-200-nine-zero-three-seven Thanks!
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    FS- Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    Not meaning to rain on your parade but Marine Warehouse has this for $60 & you get 200g. :/
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    LF: Red Or Pink Goniopora

    I tried googling their name but the phone number is out of service. Could you PM me their number? Thanks!
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    LF: Fish for nano

    Marine Warhouse had some high fin gobys not too long ago so I'd try giving them a call. I hope you have a lid for that tank cuz those fish will jump out. :(
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    LF: Red Or Pink Goniopora

    I've never heard of this store. Might have to check em out.
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    LF: Red Or Pink Goniopora

    Does anyone have a red or pink Goniopora/flowerpot coral for sale? Or a scoly? Thanks!
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    FS: RedSea Max & Reactor!

    $125 or trade for coral :)
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    Goni Ballooning

    I've had this goni for about 3 weeks and every morning it swells up like a balloon! Does anyone know why they might do this? Mid day it'll extend & look normal but in the morning right before the light comes on (& for a little bit after) it swells. :hmm1:
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    My Nano Build 1yr through Pics

    Great looking tank! What made you add the second pump?
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    FS: RedSea Max & Reactor!

    Price dropped to $150! Need this thing gone :)
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    Who has fully embraced the Ecotech ecosystem?

    I have their MP10es and their battery backup. My pump has been running nonstop for over a year with no issues and the battery backup gives me a piece of mind when bad storms come through. I really wanted their light but decided to go with Kessil a360we because of the shimmer and a tad bit cheaper.
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    FS: RedSea Max & Reactor!

    Price dropped to $200 for a Tank & Stand! Plug & Play system ready to go! :)