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    Why SPS Masters, Experts, Gurus don't use LED's as their main light sources?

    I just set up a 60g cube from a downgrade from my 180g. The 180g had a crash and I lost just about everything. Saved a couple of garf p.bonsai frags and a couple of pink lemonade frags all browned out. The 60g is up and running 2 1/2 weeks now wi th LED's and the colors are coming back one of...
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    Hanna Alk Checker

    Looking forward too more about these
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    SoCal's 60g SPS cube (2x2x2)

    Just set one up myself love it
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    Another Canadian Reef! 600 gallon Penninsula!

    Looks awesome ;)
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    Mo's 6ftx8ftx3ft SPS Reef Tank

    Simply amazing !!!!
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    JP's 240. A decade of work.

    I saw this tank in 06' or 07' I forget but it was amazing then and now simply BEAUTIFUL !!!!!! Joe was quite the host as well showing me the set up. Hope to get to see it again soon ;) PM sent
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    64Ivy's Reeftank. The Crash, The Rebuild, The Saga.

    Ivy I loved the old tank I felt horrible when I read it crashed but this one is just as amazing congrats
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    DSPS tank from Thailand (1000 gallon+)

    Just AMAZING !!!!
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    Skimmer Q&A Thread

    Lol that's it damn thought it was a lot more done between them then the silencer moved lol thanks
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    Skimmer Q&A Thread

    Thanks bro I didn't realize the reply lol I'll look into the octo then. Hey do you know the difference between the rd mini 160 gen1 and gen 2 ?
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    Skimmer Q&A Thread

    Hey mojo i have a 60g cube not used to a tank this size usually alot bigger so dont know much about smaller skimmers. Im debating betwee vertex cone bkmini 160 or reefoctopus but theres 4 diffrent ones if reef octopusses any thoughts ????
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    How true is it ......

    yeah they have lps in there tanks mine has acans zoos palys ric's and sps
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    Polyps Galore, 70+ Colony Zoa tank

    tank is beautiful congrats with it
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    How true is it ......

    its a 60g mix tank with 2 tunze 6055's on low
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    How true is it ......

    so rayjay your saying background yet temparture changes the background. I am planing a SH tank in the furute maybe 6 months I have 3 friends that have had theres for 5+ years in there reef tanks with tunzes in them and there ll doing great any of you guys have success with this ? Im waiting to...