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    Update on the tap water reef

    I put an update together on the tap water reef. I don't do water changes and haven't tested the water in years.
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    After 5 hour power outage I went and found the cheapest generator I could

    Temp got down to 74 in the reef last week. I decided to go out and find the generator I could. I didn't realize I have 15 plugs. I put it to the test plus a swamp cooler. At least I won't be freaking out when the power goes out.
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    Accidentally found a possible easy cure for Manjanos

    main tank. I put two pinches of ginger powder in daily. It seems to be one of the only things affected by it. Ginger has properties that parasites don't like.
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    Maroon Polyps - How to Control/Remove?

    try ginger powder.
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    Accidentally found a possible easy cure for Manjanos

    Manjanos can be hard to get rid of. I think I possibly found a cure when I saw ich on a fish. I've had really good success with ginger powder in regards to ich. I noticed after a few days of treating, all the Manjanos were dissolved and gone. I would be interested in someone else doing this...
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    How did corals get so expensive.

    Damn, that was one hell of a reply. Ya, there's more variables to it. I'm glad I was part of the "Good ol' days." where 50 bucks would score a damn nice piece of coral.
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    How did corals get so expensive.

    I've been at Reef Central for a long time. Over 20 year I think. The biggest change I've seen is a huge upswing in price of corals. I put this video together. I usually don't post videos here, but I thought some may like it.
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    Tank has been on it's own for a year. Here's what's left

    No, I just use city tap water. I use to change water every two weeks when I first started. Tank was never stable.
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    Tank has been on it's own for a year. Here's what's left

    Yes. I stopped doing water changes about 10 years ago. Made the tank more stable, IMO. I've also always used tap water from the sink for top off. I have an RO but I think the corals like the tap more. Maybe more calcium in our water? I feed the RBTA about 2-3 times a year. The fish about...
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    Tank has been on it's own for a year. Here's what's left

    I've been so busy with life, I haven't had time for my reef keeping. Sometimes I think about getting out but I've done it for over 25 years. I go through times I'm really into it and other times not. That's life. Anyway I made a video on it.
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    Live coral prices have now gone off the deep end.

    Where's everyone getting their corals now? Is it possible to get good deals anymore? Everything is off the deep end on pricing.
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    A happy ending ... he's alive!

    I had a medium sized fox face that went MIA for 3 days. I was shocked. He was eating great, even taking food from my hand. Then all of a sudden he was gone. I figured he got caught by the RBT or something. As I was looking in my sump, I saw him there sleeping in the dark. I was floored...
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    What's the catch on this torch give away. Why so cheap? LOL. SMH
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    The days of buying decent sized corals for decent prices is over.

    Today I grabbed a 100 bill and headed to the local aquarium place. I like the people, the store is good. In the past I've gotten decent sized torches for 70-90. Today I got the sticker shock at 180. I went online and anything decent sized is through the roof. Everyone is breaking corals...
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    Power Blue and ICH

    When I feed them I put a pinch of ginger powder in my fingers and put it into the water flow. The food doesn't have to be soaked in it. Sometimes the fish will eat the larger chunks clumped together, sometimes they won't. It will not harm any corals or other things in your tank. I told a...