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  • Hey man, yea the tank has been going but I've been super busy with other things. Sadly, it looks like I'm going to need to take the tank down sooner rather than later. Give me an email (clifford@mbhb.com) if you are interested in anything from the setup or some of my livestock.

    - Mike
    hey how u doing tangstank. im sort of new with the salt water tank but ive been up and running for 3 months and doing great so far. taking everything slow and steady like ive been reading. but i was wondering i u would b able to help me out with a couple of zoas if u can plz.
    Shaun Im looking for a slimer frag green yellow or blue LMK if you have some and how much.... Thanks
    Shaun thanks for the frags

    Hippo 5"
    Yellow 4"
    Clown 4"
    Timmoni 4"
    Powder Blue 3 1/2"
    Free Tommato Clown 3"
    $260.00 for all LMK I have to catch them one by one....

    Fish had been in the system for more than year
    Shaun Im sorry I will have to pass on the RBTA my rbta just showd up today which I though died since I cant find it. I can buy some sps frags from you if you like I really don't need the big frag less than an 1" or smaller is fine fine buy not expensive too... Thank you and Im sorry for the delay since I have to take care of my mother in law a couple of days ago her BP went up and she can't do anything but she is stable now.... Thanks
    Hi Shaun in case you have any sps coral frag for sale LMK I like blues or purple colors .
    Shaun I got the timmoni tang but I need another fish trap to catch the others fast you can have the timmoni tang any time or I can even bring it to you LMK
    Shaun thats is nice of you the problem is its hard to catch them in one day it will stress everything in the tank . But can i borrow the trap so that I can use two to make is faster i normally leave it there for two to three days in order for them to get in LMK I can pick you tonight.
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