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    Advice wanted for cycling and curing dry rock for nano reef.

    Okay, my plan is to use that later on after the tank cycled.
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    Advice wanted for cycling and curing dry rock for nano reef.

    I am back in the hobby after over a decade I purchased a 20g cube and 165W LED light for a budget reef build. My focus is the fish and inverts but would like to try growing a few hardy corals as well. I will be using RO water and weekly water changes of 10%. No protein skimmer and no sump. I...
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    30g hair algae

    corallife super skimmer, the biggest one. Water changes once a month, im trying to keep up with once every 2 weeks. No RO water, its water from my apartment, and I use stress coat with this water. The algae isnt that bad I just was thinking about maybe a fish or invert that would help clean up...
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    30g hair algae

    Hello, My 30g has some rocks that are getting overrun by hair algae and I need to do something soon, I can pull some of it out with my hands but it still is a problem. What do you recommend? My live stock: 30lbs lr, condy, 1 damsel, two shrimp and some snails/blue leg crabs.
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    Yeah there's still a risk that you're killing a clown.
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    Peacock for sale.

    aww aww $55 shipping with min. order amount. no thanks.
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    3 day dark period =ick

    Re: 3 day dark period =ick Pretty impressive, Me, I was in freshwater cichlids for years and years and never got any parasites or diseases, Then I setup my first FOWLR tank and lost some due to ich and some other disease within months, Thats when I setup a small 30g about 8mo. ago and i'm...
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    solaris = ugly tank

    MH you have 1 single bulb, LED you have many, it's really a different comparison you don't seem to grasp that. Clearly bitter to call the solaris a peice of junk as if it is useless. It just MAY be the model light for the future of reef keeping. But you'll still be defending your metal halides...
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    solaris = ugly tank

    I agree, he is going to back up his setup no matter what because it's his way/the best way. Maybe using a bunch of small bulbs that don't put out a lot of heat is what villious needs.. your math doesn't really apply here. What can't you grasp about the fact that LEDs put out less heat vs MH...
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    Stop worrying about feeding your corals.

    We could sum this thread up like this: Of course we can't recreate the ocean, but we can try to mimic it. Our water is a lot cleaner than the ocean, less life swimming about, a lot less. Question is do corals benefit off this life? I'de say most do for some part but the sun is their main food...
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    what the... is on my GSP?

    I am not sure, interesting pic, here's a bump for you.
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    HELP!!! Foxface dying????

    I have read they really are a true fish that changes its color to its mood, or camo. Ide say he's fine.
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    Why are you spending so much

    I agree with some of what you said, but not most of it (no offense, we do what we think works good for our tanks). Im the type who doesnt make my live rock or anything but will try to save money if i can, especially preparing store bought foods! This hobby can get carried away quick if you arn't...
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    A very weird looking brown worm on the front of my glass

    i think it MAY be an "errantiate polychaete annelid/worm" from what bob said to someone who had a similar sounding worm that i have.
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    A very weird looking brown worm on the front of my glass

    Well it doesn't look like a slug at all, doesnt have the body of a slug or nudibranch. It looks like a round worm, 2-3mm dia. body. about 2" long. Appears to have a normal type of round worm mouth, and those tentacles.