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  • since i cant post i have a 48" T5 ho 8x54w about 9 months old still works great only bad thing is a cooling fan wont turn on havent had the time to fix it but works fine if you have a 72" mh or T5 ho i would trade with you fixture u would have to get new lighting
    Jeff, I wanted to warn you - just in case

    That 6 line wrasse that I was given died the next morning, for no apparent reason.
    My Foxface that was temporarily in my sump, developed a major case of ich the next morning.

    Those two fish, the eel, and my PJ Cardinal all were donated to me by the same guy.
    My PJ Cardinal seems to be the only new fish doing fine and unaffected.
    Maybe their last owner was not feeding them with the proper nutriants.
    Or maybe they recieved a quick chill somwhow, before I got them.

    Your eel may not be affected by the ich, that the foxface had.
    I just wanted to give you a head up, just so you can keep an eye on your eel and other tank inhabitants.

    Just in case...

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