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    Halloween Swap

    you go girl... rave till dawn....................
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    Halloween Swap

    rave to follow auction... is anyone bringing the smart drinks?
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    Swap Wrap Up

    the tv, radio thing was a joke phil. No one came because it wasn't advertised at all, and alot of people didn't get the email. But hey, at least I got my glowsticks:)
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    Swap Wrap Up

    ...must have been all those emails that noone got. Ron said this one coming up in October will be heavily advertised. I'm thinking radio, t.v., but at least perhaps cryptic little tickets at strange places with code on them like a rave thing... sort of a reef rave. Bring your glow sticks and...
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    Official Date Set

    ditto that last message... even so I would spell it out in the future on here as someone could just happen by that maybe isn't a member or is in the "inner circle" of emails ;)
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    Official Date Set

    I am guessing it is still at Jo Mars and it is still at 1:30? You are getting cryptic on us Ron.
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    Gauging Interest Zoas

    I'd go for 10 fire and ice, Phil......
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    Virtual Swap 08 is GO

    Sorry, can't do it unless it's on a weekend...
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    Regularly scheduled chats

    9:00 ? 10:00? I like 9:00 better. I can whisper sweet nothings in Phil's ear for an hour before everyone jumps on... U big sexy man U...
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    IO here, Roger uses Tropic Marin and swears by it... Almost everyone I know around here uses IO and if they do anything it would be bumping up the buffer a bit. Your stuff is growing well so I wouldn't mess with it... unless you are having issues...
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    More great news!!!

    "Northern Caribbean islands have sounded the alarm, encouraging fishermen to capture lionfish and divers to report them for eradication." Yes we must kill them all... kill kill kill ... I guess it would be an outlandish idea to maybe use them for the pet industry or some form of research at...
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    Scolymia Spawn 8-8-08

    nifty... just watch your skimmer. You made it horny Ron talking that sex talk in front of it;)
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    other fish with tangs

    yea, I did not mention that vlamingii grow really large and it wouldn't be a good idea to try to house it permanently in a 120. Off the top of my head it was just the only tang I could think of that would hold its own with a mean purple tang. I have one and it grows like a weed. I will not be...
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    other fish with tangs

    if you go with any more tangs I would suggest a very dominant one, ie. vlamingii or the like. you could get into pretty much anything except more clowns as the maroons can be hard to pair up... (it has taken me nearly 8 months to find a mate that my maroon would accept and not beat the tar out...