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    Hybrid dwarf angelfish doing the mating dance

    Nice! Just to be clear, lots of reef fish can hybridize and then produce fertile offspring, the whole different species can't reproduce and produce fertile offspring isn't true with most fish, especially dwarf angelfish. Frank and RCT has proven this.
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    C. meredithi questions

    Keep on keeping on Peter. And yea that goldflake above is def a hybrid.
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    Evans Anthias?????

    I've had nine P. tuka/pascalus for over two years. I think they have been in captivity longer than that. It is a public aquarium display, but still they have been doing quite well. They get roughly three feedings a day, one big feeding with hikari mysis, pe mysis, cyclopeeze, and live adult...
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    any nebraska people

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    Most colorful fairy/ flasher wrasses...

    Hmmm... That hasn't been my experience. Here is a shot of one of three in my care. One has a broken back, but all three are at least 6 inches.
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    Most colorful fairy/ flasher wrasses...

    A full grown orange back fairy wrasse, Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis, is hard to beat. A relatively common fish, but one you don't hear much about.
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    Help With fish ID

    Its going to be rather bland its whole life. I'd expect it to look like the fish you pictured.
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    Help With fish ID

    Lavender Tang, Acanthurus nigrofuscus.
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    Seagrass Troubleshooting

    I have been trying to keep Syringodium and Thalassia will little success. I have been trying to inject CO2 and just started with dry fertilizer but nothing seems to jumpstart growth. I also added in some houseplant root tabs below the sand. Side note I added caulerpa prolifera and it hasn't...
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    Quoyi parrotfish reef safe?

    Hey Kevin, Tim here. Speaking from experience with S. rivulatus they didn't mix well either (started with 3, now down to 1). Haven't tried any other parrots but the S. rivulatus is the only parrot now. It bickers with the Acanthurus maculiceps in the tank. I would be willing to try some other...
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    Genicanthus personatus captive bred

    This was a great story. Congrats Karen. What a great gesture by Rufus. I was glad I got to hear the talk. Hopefully there will be more of these fish to come in the future along with other species and stories.
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    butterflies in reefs

    Sweet collection of fish hedgedrew. Looking good.
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    Storytime again for us fish nerds... Southern Japan and Guam dive/fish trip 2012 :)

    Looks great John! Would love to see your stuff in person one of these days...