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    Osmolator Universal 3155

    Roger, Thanks for the quick reply, problem averted in that I've got a tank sitter who will add water until I get back. Will be in touch when I get in-country. Thanks, tcollins
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    Osmolator Universal 3155

    Hi, Had my top off unit for probably over 2 years, has worked flawlessly. Tuesday night, I heard a noise and my water level was down, checked the controller and it was showing green. I've cleaned the optical sensor twice with vinegar and it's still not reading a low water level. Rest of the...
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    Who has taken vacation time off work for your tank?

    When I've put in way more hours than I get paid for, it's nice to take a comp afternoon off and browse the LFS's and do maintenance on the tank.
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    PET PEEVES....list them here

    Reading thread after thread for weeks, trying to make intelligent decisions based on everyone's experience here, making a purchase and then reading the new threads trashing what I just bought.
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    difference in new vortec ecosmart driver and old

    I'd be interested to know what the "nutrient export" mode is. Their pumps, they can either go ffrom ull speed to slow. and alternate or sync. I know when I put both of my MP40's on high, it stirs up everything in the tank, so unless it's sub-routine in one of the other modes, I have trouble...
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    Hanna HI 713 Phosphate Checker

    Hanna HI 713 Phosphate checker Hanna HI 713 Phosphate checker Thought I had read a thread in this forum on the Hanna HI713 Phosphate Checker, runs for about $50, but haven't seen any new posts. Wondering if anyone is using it and what their results are.
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    Hanna HI 713 Phosphate Checker

    I was following a thread on this new, lower cost, Phosphate testing unit and it seems that no one is commenting on it now. Thought I'd start this new to see how the folks that bought this like it, does it compare to the expensive unit and are you happy with it.
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    Rubbermaid tote for make up water

    Tested the RO/DI and it came back 0.0 for phos, very glad to know this. So this leaves the salt mix or the tote. To test the salt mix, I'm going to make up a gallon of SW and test that. Not sure if I have a ceramic/glass vessell large enough to do this, if not, I'll buy a gallon of distilled...
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    Rubbermaid tote for make up water

    Randy, I'm not feeding and the water I tested that had the phosphate was in the two day old saltwater I mixed up, that had been circulating in the rubber maid tote. If not from the tote, I've read your thoughts on chemicals leaching from these, do you think it could be in my public water source...
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    Rubbermaid tote for make up water

    I've been fighting a minor hair algae problem for quite a while, have been running GFO and doing weekly water changes for a couple of months. First a little about my tank, just starting over, cooked the rock for a couple of months and only have about 10 - 15 Astrea and Narcissus snails. Tanks...
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    Why do they cost so much ( Test Kits )

    Balberth brings up a good point. I can't imagine anyone complaining if the kits we buy were accurate, but thread after thread, people do the same test with different manufacturer's and get different results. They should call them maybe kits, or kinda kits or close to kits.............
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    Vortec and painted back ?

    I've had my two MP40's on the back of my painted 75 and never had a problem. Once they stick together, you align just like on the clear glass, by sound.
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    N/P reducing pellets (solid vodka dosing)

    I'm pleased to say that after running the pellets for 4 days, my skimmer is producing. It may be that even though I rinsed the pellets as recommended, maybe the powder was enough to change the chemistry of the water, slowing the skimmer.
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    Phosban Reactor Need Hose Clamps On Elbows?

    I have mine hanging in the sump and don't clamp the hose fitting on either reactor fixture. I do clamp the other side of the female coupling. Been doing this for over two years and never had a leak. I do this so I can readily remove the reactor to change the media. I have minimal flow going...
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    N/P reducing pellets (solid vodka dosing)

    Thanks for the responses on the skimmer production. I have a very very low nutrient load and between that and introducing the pellets, I was concerned.