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  • I can trade a setosa and a sanddollar monti for your two Yumas so you can get to the bonus round. Let me know.
    Hey Tina- interested in any of Bryan's angels? I'd b interested in splitting the lot. LMK ASAP as he may have another buyer for everything. Right now can't get it all. John
    No not ecosmart, it has the earlier controller, gen 2. I've read you could put the ES controller on it though.
    I've had it around a year and I don't feed it any extra just what the tank gets this is the hardy kind
    how long have you had the elegance and how much do you feed it. I tried one of these years ago and I think it was one of the deepwater varieties and didnt do so well but I hear the Australians are better.
    tina, this is kelly from lake tahoe. at the fall scrap swap you had a 4' halide/compact light light for sale (had compact probs.) do you still have it for sale ?? if so can you bring it to the christmas party ? thanks, and let me know...kelly
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