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    Reef Crystals....... $31.99 / 160g bucket

    You have to hit the "Add coupon" button. I belive it's on the same screen as the payment info. Just ordered 3 buckets of RC @ $31,99 w/ $5.00 discount. Awesome deal! Thanks.
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    Magnesium dosing

    So what is the proper ratio? I've read 5 cups and 3 cups for chloride to sulfate and I've also read 7.25 to .75. Are both correct?
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    Thanks Mark & Mike

    We just finished up our group buy from you guys and I have to say that everything was superb. Great customer service prior to my order answering all my questions. Our shipment arrived on time and it was well packaged. Everything was accounted for and very well alive at arrival. Also a big...
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    Calling all Bare Bottoms, silicone question

    Silicone will not bond to starboard.
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    Lets see the Growth!!!

    I'm sorry to say that a hungry, orange-spotted rabbit fish demolished my entire garden, with the exception of a few plain colored polyps. I had a massive bubble algae outbreak and after he was done with the valonia, he moved on to the zoas. I no longer have him so my garden is starting over...
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    Experiences with Este dolomite from PA

    Anyone run this dolomite product in the Ca reactor? Is it worth buying to maintain Mg levels?
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    Not running on main power but will on backup?

    My VorTech quit working the other day but when I plugged in the battery backup, the pump was operating. The outlet is functioning and even the green LED on the power box is on when plugged in but the pump does not respond? My acropora need your help ASAP! Thanks.
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    New 6201 impeller question

    Thanks Steve. The old bushing was buried under calcium deposits and I had to pry it out. Working like a charn now with the new impeller setup. Thanks again for the response.
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    New 6201 impeller question

    I just ordered a replacement impeller for my wavebox and I don't know how I need to insert it into the pump. What are the other pieces (o-ring and other object) for? I inserted just the impeller part inot the pump and it would work for a short time but then the alarm would start to sound...
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    Replacement part number

    I just received the replacement impeller today, 6200.700, and it came with the main impeller and three extra pieces. Can someone tell me how to assemble this as it did not come with any instructions? I need my wavebox back up and running ASAP! Thanks.
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    Replacement part number

    I just discovered that the shaft/propeller for my 6260.10 wavebox pump has snapped. I'm looking to replace the whole impeller but don't know which part number I need when looking here:[predid]=-infoxspare_9999.999 Which one do I need...
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    Injecting air?

    Taken directly from the TOTM article found here: "The benefits, I feel, are added oxygenation, a skimmer effect that moves waste matter to the surface to be extracted via the prefilter boxes, and finally, promotes SPS coral sliming to aid in...
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    Injecting air?

    Anybody else inject air into their SPS system like TOTM Weatherson does? I tried it yesterday while doing a water change by spraying the newly mixed water back into the system. My corals slimed up immediately and after blowing the slime away with a baster, they looked really great. Anybody...
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    VorTech on battery backup

    How long will one pump run off one fully charged battery backup?
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    Melev's new 280g Starfire tank thread

    We had some horrrendous storms in the Fort Worth metroplex early this morning and my reef has been without power since 3:30 AM. Marc was kind enough to lend me his generator until TXU can get their a$$ in gear and turn on my power again. A million thank you's Marc and yet another reason why...