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    June 2010 Tank of the Month

    Let me join with those in congratulations for TOTM. It is truely deserved. Your tank is an inspiration.
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    What background do you prefer?

    I used a designer Calvin Kline brush on blue on my first tank (75 gal). I liked the look and it appeared to give the tank more depth. On my second, and subsequent tanks, I went with the basic Krylon flat black spray paint. I prefer the black. It looks less natural but the colors do stand out...
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    Foam layer between tank and stand

    I use foam under my rimless tanks. From what I have read, it is mostly recommended for rimless tanks. I was able to get a good size sheet of Garden Mat from ADA which is a 1/4 thich black rubber foam. It worked great for me. other posts have suggested I think it was a type of foam insulation...
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    Hang-On Protein Skimmer Recommendation

    In a 25 gal tank with mostly LPS and zoas, with regular water changes, you could get away without a skimmer. Or you might put the skimmer on a timer to turn off at bed time. Just a couple thoughts.
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    what does this look like?

    Yup. Feather duster.
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    Who is using Berghia nudibranchs to control aiptasia?

    I used Berghia in my 75 gal but did not have much luck with them. I added them to the tank and never saw them again or saw any effect on the aiptasia. And I had a load of aiptasia for them to eat. I have had good luck with pepermint shrimp but with peps it is hit or miss. I agree with...
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    Yasha shrimp goby sandbed

    I'm setting up a tank for a Yasha shrimp goby pair and a shrimp. How deep should the sandbed be?
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    Skimming During Cycle

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    fishb stuck behind rockwall

    IME wrasses tend hide when first introduced. Poking at it when it is trying to hide is not going to get it out any quicker. Leave it alone and it should come out on its own.
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    Who leaves Mag floats in the tank?

    I leave mine in. The only time I take it out is when it floats away and attaches to the magnetic Tunze pump holder.
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    what kind of freshwater to use

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    my new tank

    Nice set-up. Good luck and keep the pics coming! We like pics
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    Anyone else hate the new RC?

    I like it :) (First post on new board)
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    Alright You Worthless Newbies-Time For an Upgrade.

    I am giddy with excitement :bounce3:
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    Wanted to see how many ppl here

    American Marine Pinpoint salinity calibration fluid