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  • Hey Brother! How have you been? Finally moved down to Folsom. Wife is wanting to get another tank! Some of this new stuff is overwhelming. New lights, pumps, maintenance computers etc. crazy… seen you are still in it, maybe in the future we can do some business if I get something set up. Always interested in the stuff that’s harder to come by.
    Hi Tim! Hey it's Meng from Minnesota. I Hope the family is doing well! From the pictures & video's you updated and posted they are outgrowing your corals😂! Hey, just wondering if you could put a coral pack together for me. Shoot me a list of what you got and how much you're asking. Was also wondering if you still had the ufo micro I gave you awhile back and possibly a Tyree Purple monster as those two are hard to find. Thanks & take care!
    Hi Tim, Enjoying the corals I bought from you at the coral market. Most are doing well, but I lost the Oregon tort...It Rtn"d quickly after some heater problems and it was my favorite!!...Let me know when you will be back to the bay area and what you have available. Thanks, Melanie
    Hey. Can't pm cause I need 10 posts. Can you shoot me a text with some nice collector acros? Thanks. 831-535-9748
    What's up Brother! Thanks for responding. Sorry to hear about the health. You're not alone. I, myself, have also been dealing with a couple of more serious health issues as well. Weird coincidence. Keep your head up dude! I'm doing the same. We're fighters homie.
    yo mikey!! how you been man? 2012 has been a bad year for me. lotsa health issues, but i'm attempting a comeback now. keep in touch bro!
    Hey Tim,

    It's Mike from Davis. Hope all's well with you and yours. Trying to revitalize my tanks and friendships. Hope to see you soon!

    So my new job that was killing me tank maintenance wise is now my old job. They let me go about two weeks ago abruptly and surprisingly. The real bummer is we were planning to use my work's insurance to pay for a specialist to deliver our baby next month!!! Oh well I think we may be able to pull it off. So I'm sorry to report that I've lost nearly every single SPS type coral including all the wonderful pieces that you fragged for me. I'm in the process of getting new light bubls, a new pump and the Ca Rx back online as well as another 33g water change in place to begin to stabilize things again.

    I hope you and your family are doing well with the new year and your tank is awesome still. Haven't been on this forum lately to see your awesome monthly pic updates.

    Just figured I would drop a line to you to unfortunately let you know that sadly I lost all the corals you gave me.

    Nonetheless, I'm working each day to try to find a new job!

    Best Regards,

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