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  • Hey man, I just came accross a post you had made in a topic about a diy overflow box. I was just wondering if you had any pictures of what you've made? I've got a 75 gallon tank with 2 holes drilled, one at each end in the back up top. Each hole has a 1" bulkhead fitting in it. I need to make an overflow box for the overflow that's a siphon and the other one can just be an elbow facing up as an emergency.

    Anyway, just wanting some ideas cuz overflow boxes are like $60 a piece new, crazy!
    Hi Mike -
    This is Mike (reefer180). How are you doing?
    I just have a question regarding to your limewater usage.
    Can you send me the ingredient to make that? And also how much do you dose it.
    Example: I have 180g tank, I can definitely add the limewater to my ATO. But how many do i need to dose?

    Thank you,
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