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  • Hello, I really like your build. I am currently following your thread. I am new to forums and coding.

    I am in the process of making the controller for my college project and a friends 5x2 reef tank. I have built a Led light for the display tank 42 Cree XP-Gs with optics.

    I have a few questions for you.

    I have;

    Arduino Mega 2560 R3
    16x2 with buttons & 20x4 LCDs
    RTC DS1307
    2 Dallas Temp Probes. (Tank and Light)
    4 x Meanwell ELN-60-48D with 10k pots

    I really like your 20x4 screen layout on the reef led controller website. Do you have the code for that?

    I originally started with the 16x2 LCD just keep things simple until I understand coding :s but I think the 20x4 would be more suitable for my application + the fish look cool on the display. Dose it matter if don't use the Fuge and fans for now?

    And just to clarify, I can connect 2 Meanwell's to each channel each with pot or just 1 pot for the 2 drivers?

    Many thanks.

    I followed you posts for ages with ketchupoy's, now bought all the hardware, but I'm no longer able to find the sketch, or the diagrams for wiring the arduino with the 4 channel relay, meanwell 48d's, time keeper, and lcd. It was the ramp up/down, with a wavemaker (i think) and a 2 line lcd.
    Please advise.
    I agree with boreland and the inability to download them. They stopped working sometimes yesterday morning early cause I know I downloaded them at work on friday morning but couldn't do it saturday morning. With the PWM ports for the LCD screen, it is not going to cause any problems to connect 4 dimmable drives in any of the same holes where the LCD is already connected?

    Congrats on the great website which I am glad I managed to find and follow. I have a fishroom and intend to convert it all on leds using with meanwell P drivers. On your wiring diagram for the P type driver you indicate that you need a 10V power supply for the PWM. What I would like to ask is whether I would need a separate power supply for each driver or can I use a single 10V power supply to power a number of drivers?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Hi Reefninja, I'm needing a sketch for a Arduino Mega, 16x2 LCD, relays, RTC, ... kind of a typical reef controller setup (CAT 4101 x 4)LEDs. I tried to get it off your site, but the link doesn't go anywhere.. can you point me in a good direction for a recent sketch that people are using ?
    Hey do you still build and program the Arduino controllers? I am terrible with electronics, but decent with soldering and I need a controller capable of controlling 4+ channels for LED lighting.
    Happy to see that your site is back up and running.

    I understand that you can sell fully assembled controller.

    I am very interested and would like to know the price for one fully assembled including shipping to Verdun Qc. Canada Postal code H3E 1E9

    Thank you

    how much for LED lights for 48 x 24 x 24 (L x H x W) tank?equivalent for 400watts plus LED controlller?
    Hey, likewise . I'm on wetweb now learning about my new carrot . Thanks for your generosity . I'll pay it forward . I'll take some pics in a couple days. Bob
    Hey Tom,

    I still have that green candy cane frag if you want it. Come by whenever you want. Im at 1488 anvil ct, bartlett.

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