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  • I've acquired a bonded pair of Blue Spots and was wondering if I could trouble you for some advice? I've had them for 10 days and aside from a little aggression at the beginning they've settled in nicely and eat like the pigs you mentioned in your log.

    I noticed the day before yesterday one of them covered their burrow earlier than normal before lights out but came out again when I fed. Then the next day that particular fish never came out of its burrow, never even opened it up. Now, this morning, it's still covered up while the other Blue Spot is acting normal and is ready for food.

    I haven't seen any sort of "flashing" from the male and with only having them 10 days I'm very reluctant to believe that it's in there guarding eggs. Have you ever had one just not come out for a day or two?

    Water parameters are perfect.
    Hey there, I hope you are doing well. So according to the study you posted. It would be reasonable to assume a lifespan of 11-15 years in captivity for the Loricula sized dwarf angels?

    I'm thinking of getting a Joculator angel, not sure about its ease of care. If it dies I'm going to lose a lot of dollars so I have to be careful.

    Thanks for all your help regarding pairing the Marine Betta. Can I keep two in a 4 foot, 120cm by 60cm by 55cm system? Or would that be too small a tank?

    Also, I'd like to know how I can pair the Flame Hawkfish as I think a pair would be nice. Thanks.
    Good evening ThRoewer. I posted another link of a more panoramic view of my tank and it's occupants. the clowns health has been great for 4+ years The most recent addition was 2 snails about 3 months ago however the clowns issues have only been obvious for about a week. I've attached pics of the 2 snails as I don't know their species. What are the basic essentials of a hospital tank? (bare bones)
    Hey ThRoewer,

    How are your regals doing? I picked one up from AC a few weeks and it is still hiding out while I've thrown all the foods at it I can get my hands on. Would be great to hear how yours have come along since they're from the same LFS!

    I'm also interested in pairing it up with another one once it's settled in.

    I've not been on the forums in a long time, but I just realized that Fremont is actually really close to where I go to school! I was wondering if you happened to have any recommendations for any LFS' in the area? Even though I can't buy or keep, I really like it here, and would love to stay in the area post-graduation...and keep some marine fish as well haha. I'd love to visit some stores in the meantime, if only to compare the ones back in Arkansas to those here. Thanks! Also: I would've sent this as a PM, but it says your inbox is full?

    One clown went into the magnifica when the lights came on this morning, I caught the other one (who was hiding in the upper corner of the tank behind the cleaning magnet but well and eating lots) I scooped him in a net a put him with the nem. The two looked very happy in their new home but then after 5 minutes they started locking lips and fighting pretty badly. I didn't want one to kill the other (maybe they would have settled after a while) but when there's no quivering/shimmering it wasn't looking good. I decided to catch and put into a floating container (see attached pics) with the hope they'll get use to each other without harming one another.

    I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Thanks MM
    Hi thank you for you in put, what antibiotics would you recommend if my fish has a bacteria/ fungal infection could this be the reason for the pitted band?

    Thanks Ian
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