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    Return Pump for 70g Cube, easy question

    Bump. I'm reading through older posts, but I have basicly the same size tank and the same needs. New quiet submersed return pump pushing about 900GHP. My tank is in the living room so the noise level it puts out is my biggest concern, heating would be the second. No AC and it gets almost 90*...
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    Moray Eel ID

    Thanks Trigger. I don't know though, my LFS was placing his order and that was how it was described to him. It's in the "assorted" bin. If it sticks around we may get a picture from the wholesaler but I'm not holding my breath. Supposedly the wholesaler couldn't find it in Burgess's Atlas...
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    Moray Eel ID

    I am looking for a small moray and my LFS guy has told me that his wholesaler has a green with wide brown bands with polka dots in the bands. They don't know the specific scientific name and it isn't ringing any bells with me, and I don't want to accidentially get a moray that grows up to be 4...
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    No luck catching my hitchhiker mantis

    Unless its one of the many species that have evolved to handle extremes in salinity. Then it might just hunker down for an hour or more, while everything else on the live rock smokes out. My how to catch a mantis, thread has been stickied.
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    how far have you gone to get a mantis shrimp ?

    My first mantis: $50 and that included his entire home. G.chiragra $20 P.cilliata 1 $20 + shipping. P.cilliata 2 $20 L.mac. $45 G.glaborus $free
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    New mantis, ID please

    Its not tickelish. Its even more fun when the cable guy shows up literally 2 minutes later and you still have blood running down your hand. There was a heck of a lot of blood from what amounted to two small punctures.
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    ok what kind is it ??

    Looks like N.wenn to me (and before Dr.Roy corrects me it could also be N.bredini, they look the same).
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    Can I keep a mantis shrimp and a pair of black clowns in a 10gal nano?

    Rule 1# of keeping mantis and fish. "Don't keep a fish with a mantis unless you are willing to loose the fish." There is no mantis that is guaranteed not to mess with your fish. Somethign like an N.wennera is less likely to do it than say a G.ternatensis, and a well fed mantis is less likely to...
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    how far have you gone to get a mantis shrimp ?

    Cleveland OH to Pittsburg PA But I was also picking up a 135g acrylic tank on the same trip.
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    I am afraid of Mantis Shrimp

    Ummm, not quite. Doesn't always work. Many species of mantis shrimp have evolved to cope with rapidly changing, extreme environments. A mantis that is found in the shallows, could easily get trapped in a tidal pool and have the salinity and temprature go through the roof as the water in the...
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    Microbubbles and mantis shrimp...

    Probably not, especially if its a species found in the intertidal zone, in the rocks.
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    New mantis, ID please

    G.glaborus. I can't see the median carinule either. Great find!!! These are some mean little bugs. Not as overtly aggressive as G.chiragra, but this is the species that stabbed me with one rap while taking krill from my hand with its other.
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    I don't know if there are different types of that pellet, but the link looks like a freshwater food. If it doesn't come in a marine flavor, I would recommend looking for a marine pellet. I used pellets for one of my mantis when he was so small I couldn't find any live foods small enough...
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    The beginning of a trek

    Howdy. Glad to have another mantis fan. Something I recommend to everybody is to pick up a copy of The Conscienceous Marine Aquarist by Robert Fenner. Its a good book on the basics of keeping a marine aquarium. It also includes some more advanced information so its good for beginners and...
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    Mantis in a Pico/Nano? has N.wennera for $50 shipped to your door.