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    FS: Halide Mogul SE 250W

    bump. best offer
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    FS: Halide Mogul SE 250W

    Have no use for it anymore $10 Also T5 D&D Geissman actinic 39W. Used for a month, 6hrs a day. Been in storage. $10
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    LED for fuge

    probably worth a try
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    T5 Light bulbs ???

    the 6.5k should give you better growth. play around with the combos
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    FS: 39W T5 Actinic+ D&D/Giesemann

    Bought this bulb, before Giessman took over D&D. Has only seen 1 weeks worth of use. It's been in storage ever since. $15 Link to bulb:
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    Heater Options

    X2, always a good idea to go with 2 in case one fails
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    FS: Tunze 6000 + Magnet + 7091 Controller

    Everything included, plug and play. Photo sensor included. Works like a champ. Price : $195
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    halides or T5's for frag tank

    How about a mixture of both?