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  • hi how are you doing?
    please refresh my memory what kind is it how long how many watts .I have some nice red shrooms and green toadstool.
    yes...glad your tank is doing good for you .how many gallons? do you need any inverts ,we are placing a order this week for friday delivery.
    Ruth, I'm sorry, I did not know you sent me a message. I have no idea how to work this web site. I lost every single coral, every single one when I had a castatrophic nitrate problem. then I accidently did a 100% water change. Yes I still have that light and I would like to trade for corals and especially mushrooms if you are interested. Noreen btw I never even took the light out of the box.
    Hello Noreen ,sorry about the corals ..i hate when that happens,,so where do you live ,maybe i can help you set it up.
    do you still have the light fixture ..do you want to selll it .
    Ruth this is Noreen from the fragfest. How are you doing? I lost most of the coral from the fest but not your mushroom. I haven't set up the new tank yet.
    ok I'l try it ..yes I'm surprised that it gotten bad like this never had problem before.its between the polyps..and i really do not have any other algae in the tank. it is place on the rocks ,so not on the bottom. i did recently stop using my Uv light{1 month} maybe this has something to do with it.
    also was wondering what salt you use ,or do you any dosing .{i'm talking about the leather you had going}anything special that could help make a difference ..
    Thanks Ruth
    The stuff I used was Coral Rx. It works well on hair algae, but I don't know about other algaes. By hair algae, I mean that fine stuff that looks like wheat blowing in the wind. I'm surprised you have algae on a sun coral. Will it brush off with a toothbrush or is it in between the polyps? Sun corals should not be sitting on the sand and should be in healthy flow. If they aren't in good flow, crud will accumulate between the polyps and algae will grow. They can handle strong flow and actually thrive in it.
    Are you Ruth who resides near 355 & 55. If so I was hoping to connect with you as you mentioned you had some frags for me a while ago....the Ruth I know had an awesome setup in the basement, was pursuing nursing and is married to a pilot..ring a bell?
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