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    electricity costs

    I feel your pain! I feel your pain! Im here in California too, but the central valley with multiple days of 100+ degree weather in the summer time. Im running a 300 plus gallon system with a dolphin 7200 return pump for all of my equipment and 96 led light set up and a chiller for those hot...
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    electricity costs

    I feel your pain, Im in central valley CA. and the cold nights, the heater kicks on and the summer when its 114 degrees the chiller kicks in. Bill will vary from $170 to $500 depending on the time of year. I have all LED's only saw a small change in reduction. get a "P3 Kill A Watt Electricity...
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    Apex going haywire

    Thanks Orcus, ENS, for the suggestion, I will be adding a low temp safety on the temp and a ph high and low safety. My sump is in my garage and I run two 500 watt heaters independently for the freezing winter. would you piggyback the two heaters and 1/3 chiller on the dual stage controller.
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    Apex going haywire

    I have the same problem, Apex Status Nov 02 2012 08:47:52 Temp1 19.2, pH 2.35, ORP 921. I tried to reset the unit, unplugged all of the equipment and started from scratch. Still no resolve. Paul at Neptune tried to diagnose the unit through Telnet and advised me to send in the unit for...
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    Power outage: Big problems with Apex

    Ive had the same problem, then my APEX stop working and the probes began to give me bad readings, Apex Status Nov 02 2012, 08:47:52 Temp1 19.2, pH 2.35, ORP 921 with the heaters on trying to heat the tank. Paul over at Neptune was very helpful but was not able to diagnose the APEX unit...
  6. T has the probse for 50 has the probse for 50
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    Tank of the Month - June 2012

    Congrats!!!!!! You have a beautiful tank. im jealous WOW
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    Apex v Profilux

    Apex Is great Apex Is great I have used the Apex system now for about three years on a 180 gal LPS w/100 gal refugium. I am controlling two dolphin 7200's, ATO w/automatic 45 gal RDO system, CA rector w/ two PH probes, Ozone W/ 1 ORP probe, a DIY LED light (48 blue, 48 cool wht, 4 moon and 10...
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    VDM Port 2 14.6V???

    Its your Controller Its your Controller Im having the same problem. Ive read that the only fix is sending the unit in for repair. My problem is everything on my tank is controlled by the Apex. dont want to take it down. Are you getting 14v on all four or just V1 and V2 Thanks
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    Help with Variable speed ports on APEX

    14v 14v Im having the same problem with my controller. My LED lights are not dimming and im getting 14v on my all 4 channels. How long did it take for the repair, My entire tank is on the controller "Chiller, lights, all pumps"