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  • Hi, I found you have a ginat MRC skimmer, what model is it?
    I want one, can you help me direct to someone?
    Dear Mark,

    We contaced a long time ago about usage of masterflex pumps for automatic water change. This discussion was interrupted for some technical reason. I'm sorry.

    Now I would like to resume it if you agree. Now I'm going to change about 1 l of water per day. But I would like to have some reserve. Let's say up to 10 l per day. I'm going to use the pump with two heads and to control it with GHL Profilux (like a timer). The process shouldn't be uninterrupted. Rather vice versa.

    The noise is not a big problem for me. The budget for pump is up to 150 USD (without heads and shipping).

    I'll be really thankful for any advice.

    My email is: Could you reply me by email because I can't send you PM?

    With best regards,

    Hello Mark!

    Thanks. I'm sorry for late reply. I've just seen your PM.

    I'm running 120l SPS system with some LPS and zoas. There is no sump.

    I like to make a maximal automation of my reef system. So, I decided to make an AWC based on available Profilux controller and two-heads Masterflex pump.

    Sure I can not buy a new pump. So, I rely on some 150 USD. I think it would be possible to use some controllable 12V pump, controlled by Profilux.

    I change about 10 l water every week.


    P.S. Unfortunately I can not send you PM.
    So are you currently using an RO unit for your media reactor? If so what modifications did you have to make, what size pump do you use? did you change the inlet/outlet size. I'm guessing that i would have to because the size of the tubing now is probably 1/4 in OD. Any help would be appreciated!! Nicole
    Dear Sir,

    I found here on RC a lot of useful information about Masterflex pumps. So, I decided to make a AWC based on some used double-head pump and Profilux controller.

    I surfed and found so many pumps with so many options. Could you be so kind to advise me some one appropriate for my purpose, please?

    With best regards,

    Also found below link for cole parmer pump on ebay with two heads.
    Is this a good price and also is it ok to use with calcium reactors.What type of tube would you suggest using with this pump.

    Can I use the below tube from Master for this pump.

    Hey man hope you are doing well. Just bought a small rbta from elite reef and was curious if you had a medium to large that you were willing to sell. If not no big deal but my melanopus pair is pretty rough on it because they are pretty big.
    Hey thanks for all the bumps on my nanocube problem. I read your about me and I saw your an engineer. Im about to go to school for engineering but cant figure out which engineer id like to be. Theres so many and i was wondering if you had any suggestions thanks again.
    Hey buddy. My name is Daniel. I live lakewood at belmar. I went to school in golden. Nice to meet someone close to home. Any local reef clubs or anything cool like that in our area?
    hey buddy, my names Mike. Thanks alot for the helping diagnosed in the problem. As i posted in thread, Im a bit confused on the steps i need to take and if you could elaborate id greatly appreciate it. I have a 5 gallon bucket, would i be able to use that as a QT if i place a heater + a 4 pound live rock in it for the mandarin? Will my starfish, snails and crabs be effected as well?
    Hey, I am no longer working for that company. They are still doing well. I am now working in renewable energy.

    It is hard work but can be rewarding. I personally think it can work but you have to be willing to charge a higher price and deal with people who can afford to pay the higher price. You have to also supply a service second to none in the area.

    Hi tkeracer619
    I was reading an old thread that you were a part of and it was about starting a tank maintenance business. I have two tanks that I service right now that I sort of got by default, from when I worked at the LFS. I have been thinking about giving it a go and was curious as to where in the progression of your business you are? Any pitfalls, stories, or advice? I am all ears.
    Thanks in advance for your time
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