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    If You Are New to Reef Central, Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi! Just getting started Hi! Just getting started I'm Tiffany from N. VA. I have been researching for about 2 years and finally bought a RSR 250 v3. I have had it about 2 months and finally tested it last weekend for any leaks. I have a ton of buckets I bought from a restaurant to initially...
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    Reefer 250 v3 Build

    Hi! This is my first saltwater tank. I bought the tank 2 months ago and just now filled for a leak test. I have the below equipment and already want to change the flow valve to a Spears. Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Bubble Magus Curve 5 2x 6065 Tunze with controller 36" Hybrid T5HO 4x39W Fixture -...