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  • Hello. I have been carbon dosing with NoPox for a couple of months. I have had great results in the reduction of nitrates and phosphates. NoPox can become costly. I am looking for alternatives. Are you still dosing ethanol? If so can you provide me with a link to where you get it? Are you still mixing with vinegar? Thank you for your help.
    After 11 years I've sold out my reef to someone who was just starting up and I'm pursuing boating. Thank you for everything. :)
    Hi My name is Austin.

    I was wondering what would you recommend to control Ick in Reef Tank?
    Or anything else to help in Large System beside copper?"

    Thank you very much.
    Hello Tom,

    I have a 600 gal display with a mixture of primarily LPS and a few SPS corals. Small bioload. 170 gal sump, 130 gal fuge.

    I have a PM kalk reactor and I am not sure when to add new kalk powder or when it is depleated. Here are my water parameters:

    pH 8.25-8.28
    Ca 430-450 ppm
    PO4 0.02-0.03 ppm
    Nitrates and nitrites undetectable
    dKH 8.6
    Mg 1300-1350
    SG 1.025
    temp 76 F

    I fill the kalk reactor w 3" fresh powder and 7-10 days later pH of sump slowly drops to below 8.2 and alk goes below 8.6. But I see about 1.5-2" of white powder settling in the bottom of the reactor. Is this Ca Carbonate precip? So all the useful kalk lime water has been used up? Am I correct on my thinking? Also, should I try lowering the amount of kalk going into the tank to see if alk would go up at all as I may be adding too much if I don't have enough CO2 in the water to make bicarbonate in the water?


    Hi tmc,
    I live in the UK, I have a 272litre cube,with a sump, the cube has been Runnnig for 5months, my question is I have my saltwater made premixed by my LFS, last week I bought a 16.6litre of Caribsea pure seawater to do a water change. I used this and found that my zoa,and GSP, not opening all the using this product could this be the reason why? Prior to using this product my corals were always open. My salinity is 1.025 PH 8.2 calcium 440ppm magnesium 1340ppm any advice on using this Caribsea would be advantage, and information over here is limited. Thanks simon
    HI Tom, Noticed that we are very close in proximity when reading some of your posts. You have helped me with your carbon dosing threads and I'm very appreciative for you sharing your knowledge. If you ever have frags for sale I would love to purchase.
    TMZ would you please post an album of detailed pics of your tanks and the system as a whole please? I'd love to see them. Thanks.
    Tom, I saw your info as I was doing some research on RC. I wanted to reach out to you as I have recently relocated to West Seneca/Orchard Park. I like to but from local reefers if at all possible, and wanted to reach out to you. I JUST started a 46 gallon bowfront about 3 weeks ago. Im not ready to stock it obviously, but if you are selling anything (equipment or livestock) let me know.

    Take Care,
    TMZ i heard from another memeber on here you have sunny d zoas that your fragging. I was hoping to pick some up. would you be able to pm me? thanks
    hey tom tank of the month was very exciting to read very impressive. I live in Depew would love to see your tank....s.. do you sell at all as ive always wanted to buy from a hobbyist and not just from a store..? thanks, phil
    Hi Tom great tanks. My sons and I would love to come and see your tanks and possible buy some things from you. We are new but love the hobby so far. Thanks Shannon
    Hi Tom my DT tank has had no fish in it for 42 days since my last outbreak of iCK is that long enough to be safe ?? . How are the ponies doing
    Forgot to thank you again.....E_rock and I had a blast at your house and you are filled with tons of information. Thanks again.
    Thanks for having Fishman and myself over today. Learned alot and your tanks looks great.
    Thanks, Don't know yet. Probably not. I may do presale for pick up but likely won't set up a tank; I like to wander around and chat.
    Hi Tom I see you are going to the frag swap on satuday if you are going to sell and need any help to transport or set up I would like to help
    Hi Tom,

    nice to know you have been living in Berlin and still remember good ;)

    I strongly like to visit NY this or next year, additional our relative is living in Toronto. So be prepared that I may contact you in future...

    Also, if you like to come for a trip here, please strongly contact me.

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