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    API Melafix for Flat Worms?

    Here's a link to the product....
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    API Melafix for Flat Worms?

    Has anyone used this product to eradicate flat worms? I was going to use Salifert flat worm exit, but the LFS didn't have any and their distributer doesn't carry it. I'm just wondering because i added one dose and the corals didn't respond too well. All my inverts looked good this morning, and...
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    BRS dosing pump question

    Thanks for the math.. :thumbsup:
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    BRS dosing pump question

    I've had one for ATO for over three years. They are great pumps. It's connected to an switch. I have no idea how long it runs each day, but my evap is about a gallon a day. I'm really slack about changing the tubes out, but haven't had any issues yet....knock on glass! :)
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    Bad advice that floats around the forums.

    I can tell you that 64 watts of LED can absolutely grow SPS corals. I have a 40 breeder with two Kessil A150's and growing SPS quite well. The tank has a 3" sand bed and the SPS are mid tank. The lights are 8' off the water. One of the corals is an ORA Red Planet that's just absolutely beautiful.
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    6x39 is enough right?

    I have a 6x39w Tek Elite on a 57, great! Mostly SPS with clams on the bottom.
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    Strong smell. Please help.

    Maybe whatever is producing the smell killed your goby. Is it a strong ocean smell?
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    Nano lighting challenge - help me

    You might think about using the Kessil A150w. I have two over my 40 breeder and can grow clams, SPS. Very nice colors....
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    40gal breeder setup

    I have a 40 breeder and the Aqueon Proflex sump bellow. There's plenty of room with a standard stand.
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    Sponge in refrugium?

    I have one in my sump...Aqueon ProFlex 3. Just keep it clean..
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    Strong smell. Please help.

    You sure there's nothing dead? Your ammonia is up a little. Something dead may be the reason... anything animals missing?
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    POLL: Which type of lighting are you currently using

    T5 and LED's. Love the Kessill lighting...
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    40 gallon breeder over flow ?

    +1 I have one on my 40 breeder.
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    ro/di tds reading please help

    How old is your membrane filter? I usually change mine out yearly, even though they last longer.