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    Tang experiment

    In a 120 ..Nope Purple tangs are $100.+ fish putting it with another dominant Zebrasoma in a small space is a bad idea..
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    Cully's Double D's

    what an awesome deal on a 200DD.. Mark I went fowlr with my 200dd great tank for that , cheap to run and can house some awesome fishes
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    What's your TDS reading?

    tap is around 170 after ro/di .002
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    you taking a poke at me Gary ??
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    two Zebrasoma in a 100g tank, chances are good for fireworks :)
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    FS juv/sub-adult annularis angel - very healthy, Ithaca, NY

    here is some info about this fish, they do grow quite large..Up to a foot.. Anything under 120g would not be a good fit..
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    helping newbies

    I need a mini spear gun to get out that fin nipping little blue spotted puffer my wife added :( damn thing
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    Brittany's 93g cube Reef

    nice close ups :)
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    Fish options

    blennies are cool I have one and he is your research though,some are just algae eaters..But most are pigs and will eat about anything after a wile..
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    recent sale threads

    That sucks Henry..Myself I am going to just a fish with live rock setup,it's like 10 tons off my back and I can still enjoy marine fish..:fish2:
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    Favorite Reef Fish

    I love my purple tang, she is a real firecracker but I've had her for years and many tanks
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    Catching a bully yellow tang

    large net + nori on a clip close to surface + fast hand = no chance for tang..
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    Need help picking a bulb....

    IMO best DE bulb out there..
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    $1500 a good price?

    rip off ...
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    Everyone sells but doesn't trade?

    you will make relationships with other people in the hobby that will trade, it just takes a bit of time.. But as a hobby reefkeeping can drain an account really fast, making a few bucks on the side really helps keeping things flowing :)