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  • Hi Todd, I see your haddoni are marvellous, can you help me to thrive my purple one, as it seems to be struggling a bit in aclimating. Been two months since I got him
    I'm just getting started in this obsession, I mean hobby, and I'm trying to make friends with others from Il. Love all your pics .
    Hi, I was looking at pics of your clowns hosting your corals and absolutely love them. Can you tell me what this coral is?


    How deep does a sand bed need to be to support the typical sand bed dwelling nems?

    I currently have a 6" deep bed but am moving the tank and thinking or trying a shallow bed in the DT of 2"ish...could I keep a LTA or related sandbed dweller in a 2"?


    hey todd i seen some pics of your shrooms i have 10-12 and am trying to grow more can you tell me what else i need to do other than standard params tank is 50 gals about 4 mos old thanks or ill take some of yours
    Ok Todd so I was just looking at your photos, OMG! NICE! You mus tbe feeling better!!!
    What is the fish that you called "Multi colored" in your photos? I think it was on page 1 or 2 of your photos. also the ones that you call gang of 5, are those damsels?
    Love the potters angel too, beautiful!
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