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  • Hey Tom,

    Dave Blough here (the Stockton Police Officer). How are you doing buddy, it has been a while since we talked last. Hey, I kinda screwed up, and let my phosphates get outta whack. I had the back surgery and neglected the tank for a month or so. Anyhow, like I said- the phoshates are WAY high...

    I was wondering if there was any chance that you still had any Rowa-phos you would be willing to sell? Let me know as soon as ya can, if not I'm going to have to scramble a try to find it elsewhere. There is nothing available here in the Lodi or Stockton area.



    hey tom give me a call at the store when you have a chance. I have a quick question about the doors on your stand.
    john dakan
    Do you have a Aquac rx1 ca reactor for sale? If so how much and how old. I only need the reactor, no co2, regulator or controller
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