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  • This is the link if it will go through. https://www.*********.com/threads/canopy-and-stand-build-for-42-gallon-hex-tank.317822/
    Hi Tom39,

    I saw your post in the fish compatibility thread about wanting a yellow fish. Snorvich doesn't provide recommendations (and doesn't like anyone other than RC staff to post answers in that thread), but I wanted to recommend a Yellow Assessor (http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_Display.cfm?c=720&pCatId=1422). They are brightly colored, very peaceful, will fit in your tank, and have some very interesting and watchable behaviors (they like to swim upside down under rock overhangs). I've got one in my 150 and while he isn't the centerpiece of the tank, he is a very fun fish.

    Good luck with your tank!
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