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    Happy 10 Year Birthday to my Clown fish.

    Glad to hear they are doing well! When I saw this thread again I was wondering if I would read good news. I hope my Wyoming white lives to a ripe age like yours have.
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    WTB Frags

    I'm in Decatur. in terms of SPS, I have red monti, what I believe is green slimer Acro, and some green birds nest. Might also have some tricolor later down the road. I am not much of an sps guy but if you are ever over my way let me know.
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    New diy zero edge infinity clam tank

    Neat build! I have always wanted to do a clam tank but never got around to it! Looking forward to following this awesome build!
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    Frag swaps or reef club meetings?

    I was going to work on one because the guy that usually does them left the hobby. It is a little late now, so I may wait until spring. There are a few planned for this fall if you are willing to drive. WCR Frag fest - October 3 11am - 3pm - Salem mission home (gym room) MWIMAC frag fest -...
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    Maxspect Razor 120w LED for sale

    I believe it is a 10k and I will ship
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    Equipment Sale - Mp10, Lights, Tanks

    Rock has been sold. Everything else available
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    Equipment Sale - Mp10, Lights, Tanks

    I have the following for sale. Can provide pictures or details of any if requested. Eshine Style LED 24x3w Light - $50 Maxspect Razor 120w - $300 Eheim Jager 100w Heater (New in Box) - $15 Ecotech MP10 - $125 Glass Frag Tank (24x18x7) - $75 55 Tank, Stand, Hood, and lights - $60 29/20 Gallon...
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    Maxspect Razor 120w LED for sale

    I have a Maxspect Razor for sale. Only used for about 6 months. $275
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    Getting back in just smaller!

    Very nice! Now that I downgraded from my 200+ gallon system I know how you feel.
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    Chinese Ebay Lenses?

    I was wondering if anyone had tried the cheap ebay Lenses. I found this link. With this being this cheap I was curious if anyone had tried these out just for kicks. Not looking to get yelled at because I am cheap, but just curious about the quality of this lens.
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    FS Lights + Nano + Protein Skimmer

    Could you post pictures please? Especially of the AIO tank.
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    Huge Frag Tank FS

    15 inches deep, 30 inches wide, and 8 feet long
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    Huge Frag Tank FS

    Live rock is gone
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    Fragtoberfest 2014

    Yes what shorty said. There is talk of it in march or so.
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    Huge Frag Tank FS

    Hi All! Long time no see! I forgot my password, and so I have been too lazy to reset it and all, so I'm finally back. Got a few things to sell too. -55 Gallon tank and stand - $130 -Quiet One 6000 - $80 - used for 6 months, good condition -around 50 or so pounds of live rock - 2.00 a pound, 75...