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  • Hi there! I heard from a friend you sell clownfish. Could you tell me the kind of clownfish and price? I live in Birmingham and can drive there to pick them up. I'm particularly interested in the snowflake clowns.
    Thanks so much,
    Hi Tomoko, Is CRA ( Johns place ) still open? I still have my Tank and all is good. Just would like to get a few fish. If not where would you recommend? How are you and your tanks? It doesn't look like much has been going on here on RC. How is Harry & Mary? Hope to hear from you soon , Thanks, Mary Boland
    Hi Tomoko,

    That would be great, one of these days when the roads clear. Yes, my poor little fishies are finally in their new tank after waiting 4 years!
    Hi Philip,

    Good to hear from you :)

    I translate into Japanese. Japanese is my native tongue. As you might be aware, I translate Takashi Amano's articles for Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine and I am working on Amano's new book. I also translate ADA's product labels and catalogs. I prefer going into Japanese than into English, though.

    My normal charge is 20 cents per English word. My rate is not low, but I am reliable and do good work.

    I like your CoralRx which I bought from Coral Reef Aquatics here.

    I am looking for someone to translate English to several different languages, IIRCC you do some translations. What languages do you work with? What are the charges? My product CoralRx is taking off worldwide and need to provide directions and uses in native language.


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