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    Aquatic Life Twist-In 100 GPD 4-Stage RO/DI System

    Thank you for your input. Even though it is expensive, I have no choice due to my limitations of being small and weak. I am sure there are other people such as people with arthritis who would really like to use a system like this. I wish other manufacturer would offer standard RODI system...
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    Aquatic Life Twist-In 100 GPD 4-Stage RO/DI System

    I am using Twist-in system since April, and it worked well so far. The winter here is mild so that I hope my system will continue to work well. The twist-in system is a blessing for someone like me - small woman with no muscle power - or someone with arthritis. I used to struggle with the...
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    RODI unit for sale

    This item was sold. Thanks for checking.
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    RODI unit for sale

    I bought an Aquatic Life RODI unit (a twist-in 4 stage unit), and I would like to sell my old RODI unit. I have brand new RO membrane 75 GPD Dow Filmtec RO membrane still in an original package and a brand new BRS 5 stage replacement kit. I would like to ask for $85 for the whole thing, which...
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    WTB: Looking for colorful zoanthids

    Hi, I am looking for colorful zoanthids. I don't care if they come with names or not. Something colorful like watermelon, eagle eyes, or Bambam is what I am looking for. I have green ones right now. Let me know what you have and how much you want for them. Tomoko
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    Calcium reactor media turned black

    Hi, I had to shut down my calcium reactor for a couple of month due to a move. Now I am ready to restart my reef tank, but my calcium reactor media turned black. Is there any way to save the media?
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    WTB: 40 breeder instead of 30

    Does anyone have a 40 gallon breeder tank or a sump in that size that you would like to sell? I need to make a sump to fit inside my 180 stand. I took a closer look at the height and the size of the skimmer cup and found that a 40 breeder works well as well. Please let me know if you have one...
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    WTB: 30 gallon breeder tank/sump

    Does anyone have a 30 gallon breeder tank/sump for sale? I need to redo my sump. My current one is really too tall for my short stand. Tomoko
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    Biocube 29 tank and stand for sale

    The tank and stand have been sold. Joe - I am sorry but no, I don't have any frags to sell. I recently moved to another house and the moving my big tank was a total disaster. I will be rebuilding my reef, but it will take a while before I can get to where it used to be...
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    Biocube 29 tank and stand for sale

    I have a gently used, relatively new Oceanic biocube 29 tank (used barely 2 years) and stand for sale. I don't have a space or time to maintain the tank right now. It's scratch free. It has a glass top that is easily removable for maintenance. $200 for the tank and the stand. $100 for Reef...
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    Nyos 160 collection cup height

    Hi, Can someone tell me how tall a NYOS 160 collection cup is? I have a small opening in my tank stand and removing my Octopus Extreme 200 collection cup from my tank stand has been difficult. I am considering an upgrade to NYOS 160. I hope the collection cup for NYOS 160 is not as tall as...
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    Weekend Sale at Aquatic Cove in Madison

    Hi y'all, Aquatic Cove in Madison is running a "buy 2 get one free" weekend sale exclusive to NARC and ARA members this weekend. I hope you will take an advantage of it. Aquatic Cove is a great little store in Madison. Their LPS, especially rainbow acans, are great!! I am always drooling...
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    Thanks. I happened to be one of the few that have not been expelled. All of our trouble makers congregate on the other forum.
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    You may have a better luck contacting him through Facebook. Search Chris Key in Facebook and send him a message there. I don't think he posts here. He used to post on the other forum that we cannot mention here by the handle name ChrisKey.
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    I believe Chris Key is selling his mated pairs.