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    What is this slime??

    I say Chrysophytes. You might have high silicates.
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    Can You ID this Disease?

    The growths seem to be disappearing on their own.
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    Can You ID this Disease?

    I was thinking the same thing and so I read the following article: After I read it, some doubt about the identification remained in my mind.
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    Cleaning live rock

    An acid bath is sometimes recommended with a solution of vinegar and ro/di water. You can also use muriatic acid and water, but at a much lower concentration.
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    Can You ID this Disease?

    It appeared about a week ago
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    Did you know?

    Yeah, the concierge told me that taking the lava rock would bring bad luck. Some have even mailed the rocks back in an attempt to reverse the effect.
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    Did you know?

    A couple of years ago I stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa resort and they have a beach made up of large stony coral rocks. I picked up 3 nice pieces and brought them back with me as carry-on. No one in the airport said anything. These rocks are the nicest pieces I have.
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    HELP - Algae ID - dinoflagellate? calothrix? other?

    High silicate levels can be the culprit. Re-check your water.
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    Urgent. Wrasse has ich!!

    I say reduce its stress levels and feed it well. Wrasses are hardy and it should be able to fight off the infection.
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    Clear/white hairy slime

    To me, it looks like crysophytes. What is your water source? Water high in silicates will usually produce this.
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    How does a fish identify another fish?

    I say body shape and feeding behavior.
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    Help with Koralia powerhead!

    I cut out the front grill and just push the center of the impeller in a couple of times until it turns the correct way. A bonus is the added flow without the front grill.
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    I've reached the point where I need help

    Get a hang on skimmer. You can also use the canister with carbon and GFO plus some floss. Also, definitely go with RODI and save yourself a lot of headaches.
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    Best fish for flatworms

    Six Line Wrasse