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    My new SPS tank

    looks great soooo clean
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    Yellow Leather Coral Sarcophyton elegans

    does anyone know where to get one that is really yellow, purchased one recently to me it just looks tan like a regular toadstool. If someone can pm me or just post where. Also it would be great to see a personal picture of one.
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    led vs. t5 halide

    the tank was mostly sps it has cebu sun light over. 2 part dosing, faunna marin 3 part dosing additive Just seems like the corals do not really like the new light. I know reef keeping is not a exact science, but seems like the led light is a limiting factor. <a...
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    led vs. t5 halide

    New tank is set up now 10 months.
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    led vs. t5 halide

    New tank new light. Well the new tank just does not do nearly as good as the old one. Old tank had cebu sun fixture 250 halide 4 t 5. the new tank has Maxspec razor. This is the only variable I can say is truly different. Same reef keeper, same ro unit same sump etc. Is it possible it...
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    SPS ACRO tips dyeing and brown Algae growth

    I think it is easier to keep acros with kh between 7-8, any higher it tends to burn tips especially with lower phosphate. I would do a 25% water change and try turning your skimmer off for a couple days and observe pe after the lights are out for a hour. See if it gets better pe. If you have...
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    Reef roids fed to SPS

    I think if you mix with oyster feast and/or Selco in a cup with reef roids, or other fine powder food, it really works well.
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    How to rid an SPS tank of bryopsis safely?

    foxface worked in my tank, may nip at corals if not fed well.
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    Acro eating flat worms?

    It is not worth the risk, throw them out. If you really want to keep them, I would just frag the tips off, mount them. Isolate them. aefw tend to be on the base of acros.
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    harliquin shrimp.

    I just purchased 3 harliquin shrimp in hopes too reduce astrea stars, mail order. Looking at them they look like a easy prey for the fish in the tank. Mostly all tangs, watanabe angel, swiss guard basslet. Any thoughts, before I release them into the tank.
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    Age old question 250 watt or 400 watt

    they do run hot, I have two 120 cfm fans on each of my fixtures, with a total of 6 halides and 4 fans. The fans are a bit louder than I would want but work well. My chiller really does not run for more than a few hours each day. But you will need a chiller most likely with either 250 or 400. I...
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    Age old question 250 watt or 400 watt

    I have had 250 watt radiums on my tank for years, they just were not strong enough. Currently have 400 watt radiums, color is better and sps look better. Most of my acroporas are with in 24 inches of top of water, my tank is 30 inches deep. I think the question should who has tried both 400...
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    looking for return pump for 120 (future sps/lps tank)

    cost no object I would still get a jaebo pump. It is also one of the least expensive pumps. It is dc driven and fully adjustable. You can adjust flow easily. If you have too much flow your overflow box will sound like a waterfall. Look more to your internal pumps, powerheads for flow, and...
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    Recommendations for nitrate test kit

    personally think 2-5 is a good level
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    Your favorite SPS???

    red planet