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    Reefapalooza Anaheim

    My thoughts about RAP 2022. The venue was way too small for the crowds and the space for each vendor could have been larger. The aisles were very crowded, many times having to wait for people to pass just to walk to the next booth. Some of the booth owners seemed cramped and very tight on...
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    looking for clean chaeto in the SCV/SFV

    I have a bunch but I'm in the palm springs area. I may be going to RAP on saturday tho
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    Acro pack FS $100

    What a DEAL! Wish I could buy those but unfortunately the gas there and back would be more that the frags. 😢
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    WTB: 40/45g CUBE (JBJ TYPE).....
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    FS: SPS Corals

    PMed you
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    o2manyfish - Something new... Need some muscle help in July

    Sounds awesome! If you need a second I saw this beast on craiglist last night
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    Free old starphire tank if you pick up

    craigslist link's are expired
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    FS Blue Hippo Tang

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    Selling reefer 425xl

    I hate to input since I'm not in the LA area, but If you need the $$ for the pizza shop why not offer discounted store credit/gift cards and eventually set up the tank in store as a focus piece or attraction for waiting takeout customers? With enough publicity on RC or R2R I'm sure you could...
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    Looking For Montipora digitata

    I'm far but I have bubblegum and forest fire digi. free if you make the drive.
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    Aptisa wanted

    I also need 3-4 nudes. I live in La Quinta but I'll be in mountain center this weekend. Only an hour drive.
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    Berghia Nudibranch needed!!!

    online seem likes the only place
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    Anyone has aptaisa eating cbb or filefish around LA?

    when the lights are off all my bumblebee snails are on the rock work but once the light turns on they'll either find a dark space to hide for the day or they'll head down to below sand bed. I've never seen them on the glass or on silicone.