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  • Yeah. We moved houses and I broke my tank down completely. I actually have a lot of stuff to sell. I miss it but I don't have the algae anymore! Lol.
    Hi Mike,
    How have you been? Wanted to know where you got your canopy that your LED's sit in. Can't seem to find it anywhere to get a price. MS has a used one for $200, sounds kind of high price. I need a 6 ft.
    Hey how did you get that hanging kit done... It looks amazing! Can you send me closer pics of it. I have the same exact setup as you and I just ordered the ecotechs. Also how much did it cost you?
    Sorry for the delay. The company sent me another fixture which was tested on their GFCI, but I still had the same problem. If I bypassed the ground I would not have the problem on the GFCI outlet. To bypass the problem I used a non-GFCI outlet, but then started having problems with the light's timing features. Lights would stay on 24 hours and sometimes not come on.

    I did find that the ground on my house was not up to code and had it repaired, but that still didn't correct the problem.

    Read your post regarding problems with the Aquaticlife T5 fixture blowing GFCI.
    Have identical problem with a 72" unit. This is a unit they recently sent to us, to replace a 72" PowerCompact unit that has since initial installation, had every single LED light burn out. 6 ballasts have failed and been replaced. All within a 1 1/2 year time period.

    I was wondering whether you ever got the fixture to function properly. I am very suspicious of the quality of their products.

    Would appreciate your findings.

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