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  • I dont know who else to talk to about this, If you can help, great, If not who can I contact? I have tried all day to sign on to RC, when I do, I can only see the main stuff, cannot acess "get new" or the "for sale" stuff. It tells me to sign on, I do and it 's the same msg....I have sent 3 emails to RC, but no response from anyone....Thanks for your help. Steve 240-375-5225. Ps....I am in northern va aswell, what part are you in?
    Hey Scott,

    Been too long, would love to talk to you when you have time. Hope you and your family are doing well.


    I need to take a question, want to post my new tank, but
    I do not know if put in nano reef or large reef. The system
    is 216 liters / 57 gallons. Where would be the most appropriate place to start the post?

    Thanks !!
    Hi Scott,
    I haven't heard from you in forever, just wondering how you are? I have a week left in Front Royal, however I found a new job in Herndon so I won't be moving. A heck of a commute, but better than losing my home in this economy.

    Give me a ring when you get a chance...
    Hey Scott,
    I'm still working out of DC and was told there's a guy here obsessed with Clownfish breeding and sells to all of the local stores. I haven't had the opportunity to speak with him yet, but I thought being in this small world you may know him; his name is Larry Tagrin.

    Hope you're doing well,
    Hi, I accidentally posted a "for sale" on a different username that my brother recently made which isn't over 90 days old. It is under the username diver150 and now it is titled "selling violation". Can you please delete that thread so I can maybe repost the "for sale" on my username. Thanks. It is in the CMAS forum.
    OK well i have set up another account and i am still unable to post. I know you're just a moderator but can you point me in the right direction on who to talk to? This seems like a very helpful forum and i kinda really need to get on here for some advice. if you can point me in the right direction on who to talk to that would be great!
    hey i just registered on here and i'm having a problem posting a thread. it says my activation and registration are complete and successful, i entered in my activation code from my e-mail, and STILL when i go to post a thread it tells me i have to log in when i am ALREADY logged in! please help me figure this out, should i RE-REGISTER a different e-mail address? i have a serious problem that i would like to post a thread and get advice on, any help would be highly appreciated. please e-mail me if anything
    Can you please help with listing an add. It says i dont have the privlige ot it has been denied.
    Hi I was just checking on my thread "just ordered a ritteri" I last posted very early this AM & had 2 pages, It now only has first page. Do know what happened?
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