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    DIY 3D Printed Aquarium Upgrades

    PETG is IMO the best material to print with for reef tanks. It's reef safe and it is the most UV resistant compared to PLA and ABS. Also, ABS makes some nasty fumes when printing and is prone to warping. PLA is safe from what I've seen as well, but different brands throw a + on the end of it...
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    LEAP LEAR is just around the corner!

    Amazing swap, as always.
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    LEAP LEAR is just around the corner!

    The current forecast shows it being cold and cloudy, but no snow or rain on Saturday. Put the top up on the convertible and you'll be fine.
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    LEAP LEAR is just around the corner!

    I see the red circle with the slash through it when I'm either not logged in or I've already clicked attend. Make sure it doesn't say "Attending" and that you're logged in.
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    LEAP LEAR is just around the corner!

    They take care of all that for you, they're pros.
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    Renton's Upgrade

    I bet you've never made your own frag plugs.
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    LEAP LEAR is just around the corner!

    It may be a pain, but it's free this way!
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    no more C-SEA?

    The website is down and there is no active FB page. No idea if it's actually been dissolved or not. I know it's been struggling for a long time, there just isn't the interest in clubs that there used to be.
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    Wes' 150

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    Rescue My Reef

    Those test kits you're using only test the Nitrates and Phosphate actually freely available in the water. The algae is actively out competing your coral for those two parameters and is consuming quickly enough that you won't see it on any test kits. I've been in a similar position, and here's...
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    Drukkosz 125g Reef

    I like your new space!
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    Looking to split bulk order

    This thread is two years old. Figi and Indonesia were still shipping coral back then. It's safe to assume that this is done and over with.
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    No power for days

    Just a reminder that while generators will run indefinitely as long as they have gas, you typically need to change the oil after a certain number of hours of use. I think mine is every 50 hours.
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    Pro Tip for Selling Corals

    What if you drive a Camaro?
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    Alk monitor/controller

    Check out Renton777's build thread that's in this group. He started using an alktronic a while back and has had good things to say about it.