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    Silicone seal

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    Silicone seal

    Forgot to add that I did not fill the tank up or anything and that this is the second day of curing using tv 108 silicone. If you guys think it's ok I'll just finish the bottom and all I can do is water test it for a week and see what happens
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    Silicone seal

    So I silicones my aquarium yesterday and I used a 1/16inch spare or zip tie to then silicone into and after I was done it was perfect with no air bubbles at all and now after two day it has a thin strip of air in the center of the seal? Could this be because the silicone on the outside dryer...
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    Injecting silicone on glass tank build???

    Just thought io would give you guys wanting to do the direct injection way some hope! First off i will just say this, I have used both ways and both do the same thing at the end of the day, and that is to hold the tank together. Now i will state some pros and cons of both direct inj and the...