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    jabao dc pump controller quit.

    ok cool thank you very much.
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    jabao dc pump controller quit.

    this is the controller just not apex readt
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    jabao dc pump controller quit.
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    jabao dc pump controller quit.

    no neither of them. it's a 3 inch by 4 in box about two inches thick. trying to post a pic but having issues.
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    jabao dc pump controller quit.

    Ok so my controller died on my 2013 jabao dc12000 pump and i cant find a replacement. What can i do as the power supply and pump still work.Can i bypass the controller somehow and re wire something.Any help would be greatley appreciated.
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    Picasso trigger not growing

    sounds fine.Mine has not grown either and my past one were the same way.I had one for like 5 years and only grew a inch or so.
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    Queen trigger

    sweet, post some pics
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    Queen trigger

    i have had numerous queens in y tanks over the years and have never had any problem with the bothering other fish as ong as the other fish were not food size for the queen. I just got a nice 6 in blueline trigger yesterday and i am waiting on a goldenheart and a queen trigger to go in the tank...
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    Powerhead ok in octo tank.

    is it ok to have a hydor powerhead in the tank with a octopuss or will they get there tenticals caught in it
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    Anemone Show-Off Thread

    i just got these two yesterday, super bright.Iv never seen anything like it.and a shot under the moonlights.
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    New Anenome

    Just got this today.Was told it was a rose but seems alot brighter to me.I have one and a baby.Anybody have a idea of it or what its worth.
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    Trigger Problem...

    i have owned almost every trigger that has been on the market even a undy and i have never had a problem with them chewing on the aquarium or power cords.You will be fine.
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    Golden Stellatus Puffer

    nice , they do take a long time to grow, so you most likley will never see it get over a foot or so in length, your tank is ok
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    My 20 long

    how high is your light from the top of the tank and how long do you keep your lights on.Nice tank, i got a 20 long and looking at putting a 4 bulb t5ho light on it also.
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    20 long lighting?

    Lets see your 20 long tanks and what lighting you have on them.Thinking about going with a 30 inch 4 bulb t5ho light.Too much?