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  • Hey there! Just wanted to say sorry again about your clam. If it makes you feel any better, I somehow have wound up with a damned ich outbreak. I'm about ready to rip this tank down and be done with it. In probably close to 10 years I've had ich once. I'm so upset, I will never catch every goby out of that tank unless I completely destroy it.

    I'm pretty sure it's from a red dragonette, which usually aren't ich prone. He's fine, but he's the only fish I've added, and I didn't want to quarantine him since they're fussy eaters in the best of circumstances.

    I was all happy today too because I finally scored a really nice orange torch I've been pining for forever.
    Hey There! I just saw your text the other day asking about how the tank is doing, thank you! I figured this will be easier since I'm a terrible texter LOL!.

    The alkalinity is finally up into the "safe" zone (hovering just under 8). I've switched salts from regular IO to Reef Crystals, and have been dosing 2 part like crazy. I've noticed some color coming back to the stylophora in particular. I still had to frag my Hawkins Echinata :-( But I'm hoping one of those pieces will survive to start the colony again. I have a touch of STN on my tri color as well that I'm keeping an eye on, because I don't want to have to tear that thing apart if I don't have to!

    All that being said, I'm now having a terrible aglae outbreak! I just can't win it seems. It was almost totally gone after you saw it, and then BOOM, it started again. I think I need to get some chaeto to pack in my sump. I have the skimmer back on and it's been foaming A LOT.
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