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    Tunze 6105: missing rubber piece on the impeller shaft

    Thanks for that have ordered the part.
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    Tunze 6105: missing rubber piece on the impeller shaft

    Hello Roger. I have the exact same issue. Just confirming the part number. Part 6065.709 is listed as the part for a Tunze 6065, not for a 6105. Is it the same part for both pumps?
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    Coral Box Skimmer Club

    Waiting on a new Bubble Magus Curve A5 - it looks very similar to the Coral Box D500. My vendor does not have the Curve A5 in stock and I was debating cancelling the order and getting the D500 instead - it if for a 75 gallon FOWLR that I am setting up - any advice would be appreciated.
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    Your Long Term Review Jebao DC Controllable Return Pump ?

    Setting up a 75 FOWLR, looking at a DCS 5000 for my return pump, is this a good choice or should I go with the DCS 7000. My overflow will be Herbie with a 1" siphon drain and a 1" emergency drain. The return pump will be from the sump (in stand) so about 5 feet of head height plus extra for...
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    Jebao Cross Flow Pump

    I am setting up a 75 gallon FOWLR and I want some flow but don't need the flow that an SPS tank would. Any input on whether either the CP-25 or CP-40 would be a good choice. I have some spare Tunze powerheads etc but I don't like the look in the tank.
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    Question for owners of Bubble Magus Curve 5 or Curve 7 skimmmers

    How quiet are they and would you buy one again?
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    Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper - is customer service really as bad as everyone says...?

    I have an Apex on one tank and a Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper Lite on another tank. Not to bore you with details but I had a horrible experience with my RKL. It is now a very expensive light timer - the only functionality it has is to turn my lights on and off. I am happy with the Apex. Of...
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    AquaMaxx Bubble Stopper for HOB-1. Anybody??

    DIY bubble stopper: Add pvc ELL and pvc 45 so that the skimmer outflow is directed up and toward a back corner to the tank, far away from any powerheads. Solved my bubble problem.
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    LED lighting for 30 gallon cube: Kessil A160W-E vs. AquaIllumination Prime

    I have a 30 gallon cube tank with BTA's, SPS, and zoanthids. Dimensions are about 20.5" x 21" x 18.5" deep. The lighting (old Maxspect LED fixture) is dying and I am looking at either the Kessil A160W-E or AI Prime. The Prime has a sleeker look and has 50 watts of LED's. The Kessil looks...
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    Aquamaxx HOB 1 won't fit over rim of 40B

    Cut notches in the plastic inside part of the rim.
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    Digital Aquatics Terrible Customer Service and No Warranty

    I had an equally poor experience with them - warranty not honoured, will not deal with this company in the future.
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    AquaMaxx Hang-on skimmer

    Had one for a couple of years, bubbles were terrible, here is how I fixed it: Get rid of the "T" pvc piece on the skimmer outlet. Get these PVC pieces, slip x slip: One 90 degree (L) piece and one 45 degree piece. Cut just enough pvc pipe to join the fittings together (two one-inch long...