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    How do you use a dosing pump to replace your evap when away for almost a month?

    lol. :debi: I didn't see any comment about cost, just limited equipement. Yes, hiring a butler or kid to to it could be cheaper :thumbsup:
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    How do you use a dosing pump to replace your evap when away for almost a month?

    I don't touch my ATO for months. Here is my set up w/an APEX. I have a 50 gallon RO/DI tank, this feeds a 2 gallon ATO container, a Tunze ATO The RO tank is controlled by Avast Marine Barrel Tender to refill automatically with RO/DI. When the ATO adds water to the tank, the APEX turns on a pump...
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    Georgia aquarium

    We did it and well worth the trip. Do the sea otter encounter, also well worth the extra cost. IMHO.
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    Anyone else make the mirrorless switch?

    I didn't "switch" but invested in the Fuji world. I'm an amateur but enjoy photography and have been shooting with Nikon for over 20 years. I find that for sports mirrorless is just too slow. I know there are review/posts that some of the newer systems are very quick, eg Sony A9, but that is...
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    Any Sony DLSR Users here? How About A6500 users?

    If your converting to RAW, make sure you increase your hard drive space on your computer as well. This also mean your back up device. Raw files are a lot bigger then jpgs.
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    Water changes on 1500g tanks??

    Doesn't get much attention on here but have you looked at a denitrifying reactor. No water changes needed. People have had very good success with it, there is a DIY thread as well. I set one up and do very minimal water changes on my 120 gal. (Approximately 170 total volume) just to get...
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    Any Sony DLSR Users here? How About A6500 users?

    When I was much more active in the photography hobby I took a course from Nikon. The advice from the pros was spend as much as you can on the Len system you will be with (Sony, canon, Nikon, etc...) and save on the body. Reasoning is the lens will make a photo sharper, clearer brighter, and...
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    I used a portable generator for many years. (honda inverter for the clean power). It got me through Sandy, the NJ ice storm both which left me without power for 7+ days. I've been lucky that the power outages outside big events have have only been for a few mins to an hour tops. Each time, I...
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    Alk math help

    Thanks for the input. The reason I got thinking about this was the different calculators out there on how much of a product (eg. part) to be added to raise ALK by x amount. I figured given the fair amount of accuracy that can be dosed via the peristaltic pump, the calculation would be...
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    Alk math help

    Generally I'm pretty good at figuring this stuff out, but this one is racking my brain. I'm currently running my CaRx using a MasterFlex pump so I can get a very accurate delivery of effluent to maintain Alk and Calcium. I'm trying to see if I can dial in the ml/min that I would need to set...
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    Back up generator?

    Honda generators are what most people will recommend if you want the best portable. You can wire it into your home with a transfer switch. They are quiet and produce very clean electricity, prob even cleaner then your power company, so there is no worry about frying electronics. For whole...
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    Help choosing Generator!!

    You can find a few aftermarket carburetors to convert a gas generator to a Propane. After Sandy, I installed one in my Honda. I had to wait hours in line for gas that week, now I have a 40lbs tank (1 1/2 days) and a couple of 20's from the grill. The great thing is you can switch back to gas...
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    DIY Natureef Style Denitrator Build and Data thread...

    Hi, would anyone be willing to send me a good dose of bacteria? I'm just getting my reactor started, will pay for shipping to NJ. Thanks in advance, please PM me if possible.
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    What dehumidifier is recommended?

    Installed a Santa Fe one (the compact) 7 months ago and couldn't be happier. The heat generated is low as well.